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What Medical Conditions Qualify for Long Term Disability

When someone is facing any physical, mental, emotional health issue in his life, so it is called disability which creates obstacles in daily life and makes you unable to attend the office regularly.

Generally, this disability condition considered in two ways like short term disability and long term disability. Both kinds of disability depend on the time interval in which you need to take rest and become fit. The time interval is measured by condition of people that means how much time you required to become fit and fine.

Most of the time, we think that what qualifies for long term disability. When an employee suffered from any health issues like mental, physical, or emotional that time he or she can claim for disability policy, but which disability policy is perfect for him or her, it depends on the condition of him or her. In some kinds of health issues, people get faster recovery and easily able to come office. This condition is called short term disability that time period is within six months that means if you are unable to attend the office for six months due to health issues, so this condition is considered as short term disability.

In a few cases, employees cannot come to the office for more than a year. In such conditions, they can claim for long term disability. Because this type of policy is measured for more than a year. Hence, if you or your nearer people are facing these types of situations in their life, so they should go for long term disability in which they can find benefits like gettinga few parts of salary without attending the office.

This policy varies in different offices because every office or organization set their rules and regulations in which they set the office rules according to their needs.

How much benefit should be added in the short term and long term disability policy depends on the administration of any company or firm. So, if you will become an employee of any company, you must be aware of the rules and regulations of a company like you know leaves, office timings, over time policies, short term disability policy, and long term disability policy too.

When you fully aware of all these facts about your company and also satisfied with the rules then you should join the office. If you are not so aware of all these acts of company and unfortunately if you will face any health issue under the disability act, so you will stay away from desired benefits.

So, all these facts keep huge importance in the life of every employee and employer too. Because both are connected with the company and relevant acts. Now, we are going to discuss about the medical conditions for disability. There are so many folks who don’t know exactly what medical conditions qualify for long term disability. So, we will explain to you which kinds of medical conditions applied for long term disability and help you to get more knowledge about this field.

Generally, we can find a huge list of medical conditions, but today we will share with you some common and important health issues which will affect the life of any employee and bring to the condition in which he or she needs to take this disability facility from the company.

Some Common Health Issues Covered by Long Term Disability

Anxiety disorders


Back injuries

Bipolar disorder

Brain injuries


Cerebral palsy

Chronic pain



Heart Disease

Herniated discs


Inner-ear/Balance disorders

Knee disorders


Lung disease


Morbid obesity

Multiple sclerosis

Neck injuries



Parkinson’s disease

Post-traumatic stress disorder


Rheumatoid arthritis

Seizure disorders

Shoulder injuries

Speech disorders

Spine injuries


All the above health problems are very severe problems which can disturb your life thoroughly and make you annoyed, so you are not able to earn money for your family. In this way, you cannot survive in today’s Inflation.

If you are facing any health issue from the above list of diseases, you will be eligible to get a long term disability policy from your employer. This is your right to get avail of this policy and stay relaxed during the difficult time of your life and also fulfill your and family’s essential requirements.

All the above diseases need proper care, correct treatment, and relaxation. Once you get the policy for the illness easily and your employer supports you while you are suffering health issues, so you will feel comfortable during the illness and get faster recovery due to stress less office life. From the huge illness list, you can see so many health issues are life threatening issues such asCancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease, etc.,but your organization’s policy cover and employer’s support can give you relief from the lack of money issue.

So, we can say that this kind of long term disability policy can fill happiness in your life and give you a reason to be happy and stress free. This policy cover has proven the big support of the life of every employee who joined any company to work with full allegiance and devotion and give a hundred percent effort to lift up the position of the company. Now, you have cleared that what is the long term disability cover and who can claim this policy. So, if you are going to join as an employee in any company, you must get knowledge of the acts of the company and then be ready to join it.

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