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Best 10 Questions You Should ask to Your Divorce Lawyer

You’ve initiated the paperwork, now it’s time to contact the family law firm and hire a divorce attorney. This is one of the essential parts of the divorce process.

When you hire a family law, they will ask questions about your case, so be prepared to answer them. However, there are some questions that family law firms should answer first. For them, it’s just routine, but these questions can reveal if family law is not what you need or if the family lawyer has some issues that you need to know before hiring him.

Here are ten questions family lawyers should ask themselves before accepting your case:

            1 . Will divorce mediation be a better option?

Mediation in divorce cases can save you a lot of money and time. That’s why law firms should always offer this to their clients since the divorce rate is much higher when no lawyers are representing each party. In divorce mediation, people create divorce agreements by themselves with the help of divorce mediators. This means that the divorce process is less expensive, and the family law firm doesn’t have the right to take additional fees from your settlement after divorce negotiations.

            2 . What about collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation in divorce cases because it helps divorced couples reach a mutual agreement without going to court. However, the main difference between collaborative and mediation divorce is the lawyers, and that’s why the divorce agreement created by collaborative divorce is legally binding. Since the divorce process is less expensive, family law firms should always offer it to their clients.

            3 . What if a divorce attorney doesn’t want to go with the flow?

A family lawyer must be flexible and work based on your needs. If the divorce negotiations feel like divorce attorneys have personal issues against you, they simply won’t take your case. So before hiring divorce attorney ask him/her about previous cases when clients felt dissatisfied with how the attorney handled things in court or during negotiations.

                4 . Does the family law firm understand my divorce needs?

Family law firms can’t represent you properly if they don’t know your priorities. The lawyer doesn’t need to be a divorce attorney to understand the divorce process and what is vital for their clients. You should feel that the divorce attorney, or divorce mediator, listens to you attentively and understands your priorities. If divorce negotiators disagree with the family law firm about legal approaches, divorce negotiators won’t take the case. Before signing any documents, be pretty explicit to explain your priorities regarding your matter.

5 . How does a family law firm handle difficult cases?

Like human beings, every person has their abilities; some are better at doing things than others. For divorce attorneys, complex divorce cases are good practice because they can improve their negotiation skills and overall the quality of the process. However, a family law firm should be open about this fact and offer you alternative options in the case. Divorce negotiators won’t be able to handle the situation well.

            6 . Is the divorce attorney reliable?

Often divorce attorneys have a list of satisfied clients; it’s easy for them to market themselves as professionals who know everything about divorce law. You should not fall for such marketing tricks and ask family law firms how many divorce cases have been taken care of by divorce negotiators from their office in the last six months. If there aren’t enough documents that would prove that the family law firm has managed at least one divorce case during this period, you should ask them what’s the reason and how to proceed further.

                7. What about free consultations and quotes?

Family law firms have websites where they offer their customers free legal consultations. However, most of those don’t have family lawyers who can manage divorce cases. To know whether a divorce negotiator from the family law firm is competent enough for your case, you need a realistic estimate or quote as early as possible, usually before going through initial consultations. This means that clients will understand all details behind particular divorce services, including required time commitment and fees. That way, both parties will stay clear about the situation and won’t be surprised by any hidden costs involved in the negotiation process or courtroom proceedings.

            8. How does a family law firm handle negotiations and court hearings?

They use sophisticated negotiation tactics to assure their clients that divorce attorneys from family law firms are the best in town. However, when it comes to courtroom proceedings, experience can’t help all lawyers keep up with time requirements and details of the case. To avoid such problems, you should ask the family law firm what kind of preparations they made before going into a courtroom proceeding, especially if a divorce attorney talks too much or doesn’t know the basic facts required for your case. You will learn how well prepared a family law negotiator is for a particular divorce process by asking this question.

            9. What’s your role during negotiations and court hearings?

Divorce attorneys need to know what their job is during the negotiation process. On the one hand, a family law negotiator should be skillful enough to handle divorce cases independently. However, in most situations, lawyers are divided into teams to provide solid legal support for their customers. If you feel like a family law firm doesn’t have any clear strategy about this issue, do not hesitate to ask them how teamwork looks because it will affect the results of particular negotiations or courtroom proceedings.

            10. Do I need an attorney? And if yes, can anyone represent me?

Since family law firms offer free consultations, they can’t tell whether or not a divorce attorney is the best choice for a particular case. A divorce negotiator from a family law firm should give you enough information about your legal options to avoid any misunderstandings. If there’s a possibility of representing yourself in the courtroom proceedings, they will most likely advise you against it and offer their services as an alternative option. This way, both parties will be satisfied with negotiation results and won’t have any problems during future proceedings because of a lack of necessary knowledge or experience.

The divorce process can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience. Knowing what questions to ask when seeking a divorce attorney can make or break your case if you already know that divorce is the next step for your family.

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