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Philippine Embassy in Houston

If you have any interests in the Philippines, you may wish to learn more about the Philippine embassy in Houston. This embassy is located in the Westchase neighborhood of west Houston. The mission of this embassy is to represent Philippine interests in the state of Texas.

Opening hours

If you are a Filipino-American resident of Houston, Texas or one of the nearby Southern states, you may be in need of a passport or a visa. Luckily, the Philippine Consulate is here to serve you. However, there are several things to know about the consulate before you walk in the door.

The first thing you should know is that there are several different consulates in Houston. These include the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTI), which is the Philippine Consulate’s official marketing and promotional arm. It facilitates trade and investment projects between the Philippines and the U.S. and promotes exports.

The Philippines also has a dedicated department for promoting the welfare of overseas workers, which is the Philippine Overseas Labor Office. This division coordinates with the consular section to ensure that Filipinos working in the United States are treated well.

There are a number of other consulates in the Houston area, and each provides a wide variety of consular services to their local communities.

Services offered

The Philippine Consulate in Houston, Texas is one of the important government offices of the Philippines. It offers various services to the citizens of the country. In addition, the Philippine Consulate also offers consular services to Filipino-Americans.

One of the most significant roles played by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate is its role in the development of science and technology. Another is its role in promoting the arts and culture.

Among the various services offered by the Philippine Consulate in Houston, Texas are passports and visas. They also provide legal assistance to Filipinos overseas.

Aside from the consular services, the Philippine Embassy/Consulate also provides assistance to travelers who are coming from the Philippines to the United States. These include visa applications, passports, and NBI clearances.

There are several consulates in the state of Houston, Texas that offer a wide range of consular services. Some of these include the Philippine Trade and Investment Center and the Philippine Overseas Labor Office.

Jurisdictional restrictions

Philippine Embassy/Consulate provides consular services for Filipinos traveling to the United States for various purposes. In addition, the Philippines Consulate in Houston, Texas offers several consular services to Filipino-Americans.

The Philippine Embassy/Consulate also handles passport and visa services. Applicants need to fill out an application form, which can be downloaded online. If the form is printed out, it should be filled in with blue or black ink.

Consulate hours are not available on Sundays. It is advisable to make an appointment. Unlike other foreign consulates, the Philippine Embassy does not make copies of supporting documents for applicants.

If you have an urgent case, you can apply for a consular emergency. However, the Philippines Embassy does not issue passports or travel documents via mail. A Philippine passport renewal must be done in person. You must have the correct amount for the renewal.

In order to avoid delays, make sure that you bring all the required documents. Besides, you must be at least 18 years old to get a Philippine passport.

Contact information

Philippine Consulate in Houston provides consular services to Filipino-Americans in Texas. It is located in Southwest Houston.

Philippine Consulate in Houston is one of the diplomatic missions of the Philippines in the United States. The office has bilingual staff (English and Tagalog), including lawyers, former diplomats, and a secretary.

A Philippine Consulate in Houston provides passports and other consular services to Filipinos in the US. However, the Consulate’s office hours are not available on Sundays.

In addition to consular services, the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago also conducts consular outreach missions. Last year, the Consulate conducted consular outreach missions in Missouri, Kansas, and South Dakota. These consular missions involve a variety of activities, including meet and greets with local officials, a webinar, and a virtual panel discussion.

On 31 March 2022, the Consulate General in Chicago hosted a virtual panel discussion. It was a training for foreign service posts in the United States. During the event, the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago highlighted identity theft and the ubiquity of credit cards.

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