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How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident

Anyone who has driven in New York City knows how easy getting into an accident can be. Whether it is a matter of if or when, you will want a copy of your police car collision report if you are eventually injured in an accident. However, you might have never tried to get a police report before and do not know where to begin. The good news is that there are several convenient ways to get your police report in New York City.

Most people can get their reports in a matter of minutes online. But other options are available for those who do not have internet access. You will want to act fast, though. You can usually get your report for free from the NYPD if you get it within a certain amount of time, but will need to pay some fees if you request the report from the DMV.

Can I Get a Police Collision Report Online for My NYC Car Accident Case?

Fortunately, victims of New York City car accidents have several convenient options for getting their accident reports online. The most direct way to get your report is to request it directly from the New York City Police Department’s (NYPD) online portal.

When requesting your report from the NYPD, you will need a few important facts about the accident to get access, including your driver’s license and plate number, as well as the date of the collision and which borough it happened in. You will also be asked for personal data, like your date of birth and email address.

However, you will need to wait a little bit after your accident before accessing your report online. The NYPD cautions that it can take up to seven days for a report to become available on the portal. If your report is still not appearing after seven days, it might be time to talk to a New York City car accident lawyer. An attorney can help make sure you get a copy for your files and instruct you on how to use it in a lawsuit.

You can also retrieve a copy of your crash report through the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website. Although, reports from the DMV are not free. There is a $7 fee for accessing the report online and another $15 fee for each copy of the report you request.

Be warned, though, that once purchased, you will only have seven calendar days to access the report. If you need access again after seven days because you did not order copies, you will need to pay to retrieve the report again. To avoid these costs, you could get your police report in person.

Can I Pick Up a Police Accident Report at a NYC Police Department Precinct?

The most affordable way to get your NYC police report is to retrieve it in person, but you will need to be prepared. First, you need to visit the NYPD precinct responsible for the area where your accident happened. You can search for the right precinct here.

Also, you must have two completed copies of the “Request for Copy of Collision Record” form with you when you go. The questions on the form are basically the same you would have been asked online, so be ready to provide details about the accident.

The good news is that police reports are usually free when you get them directly from the precinct. However, you might need to pay for copies of any photos or videos that were included in the report. But act quickly. The NYPD only retains collision reports for 30 days after the officer has filed them. This means you will only have a few weeks to get a copy of your report in person. After that, you will need to go through the DMV.

Can I Have a Police Car Crash Report Mailed to Me in New York City?

Getting your report by mail is also a good way to get your report for free. The rules for requesting your report by mail are basically the same as those for getting one in person. You will need to fill out two copies of the form above and mail it to the precinct where the report was filed.

Again, you will only have 30 days after the report is filed to request a copy, so be sure to mail your forms quickly.

What Happens if I Try to Access My NYC Police Report 30 Days or More After My Car Accident?

If you did not get a copy of your police report from the NYPD within 30 days, you can still access it via the DMV. The fastest way is to use the online portal mentioned above. Remember, though, that you will need to pay a few fees before getting your report if you choose this option.

You can also make phone requests to the DMV for your report. You can request it by calling

(518) 486-9786, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Still, it is best to get your police report as quickly as possible from the NYPD so you can determine if you should file a lawsuit.

Get Your Police Report Today So You Can Begin Your Car Accident Claim

Getting your police report quickly is the best way to get your case started right. Because the NYPD makes the process relatively easy and free in most cases, you should have little trouble obtaining your report. If you are, though, do not hesitate to reach out to an attorney for help. A law firm will make sure you get a copy for your records and use it to gather other evidence for your claim.

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