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Free Legal Guest Posting Sites List – Law Blogs that Accept Guest Posts 2021

It is a good fact that many online marketers and legal firm have made their mind to adopt guest blogging to promote their law firm, but still, there are many confused people around.

They keep thinking of the benefits without starting the blogging. From the experience I have gained from years doing guest blogging, I want to share plenty of benefits that a legal firm and lawyer can achieve from publishing a blog at free legal guest posting sites

Benefits of Legal Guest Blogging 

When we have invested a proper amount of time in legal guest blogging, then the benefits that we have enjoyed are:-

  • We have reached the targeted audience easily- The first benefit of guest blogging to law firm is that you will easily reach the targeted audience. When we publish a blog on a niche-specific (legal) website, only those who want to read out about that are interested. This is the difference between ordinary people coming to your website and the blogging divert people as they are more tended to buy from you. 
  • Personal networks have expanded manifolds- When we have started guest blogging, we used to have around zero links. There were very few people who used to know about our business online, but as time passes and people started noticing blogs on legal blogs that accept guest posts, they started connecting with us. It means that with the help of blogging, we have seen personal as well as professional business growth. 
  • There was a massive stimulation in social media shares- the social media of your legal website has also seen a turnaround due to guest blogging. We used to attach the link of our online social media sources with the blog and the website. Commonly, the website is a very starting and fundamental part of an online business, but without a proper social media basic, it is a waste. That is why social media’s growth is also essential, and it is done perfectly by the guest blogging that we have started. 
  • Authority has increased- the authority of our law firm website increased at a very high pace after we have stepped into guest blogging. All those who are not known to the fact should know that there are a domain and authority score of the website. It is given based on the performance of the website.
    Due to legal guest blogging, quality leads will enter the website, which means that the score will increase. This won’t matter in the direct sales of business, but when a person searches for our business, then the ranking is higher, which means that they will see our blog first. 
  • Backlink profile became premium- there is a backlink profile of every website, which one can see through the SEO tool. From there, they will come to know the quality of backlinks and which one is working and which one is not working. Earlier, when we used to form normal backlinks, the profile was not much impressive, but after we started blogging, it improved. 


So, you should start your journey with legal guest blogging and generate the lead and traffic for your law firm, and the first task that needs to be settled is finding a legal niche blog. It is a crucial task that will consume a huge amount of time, but you won’t regret investing in it later. 

Free Law Guest Posting Sites List – Legal Guest Blogging Websites

Sr.noWebsiteGuest Post GuidelinesDAPA
1Above the LawWrite for us7960
2Attorney at WorkWriting Guidelines4950
3ABA for Law StudentsWrite for us4943
5Best US LawyersWrite for us2114

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