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Civil Lawyers in Atlanta

If you’ve been the victim of a civil rights violation, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your loss. A lawyer specializing in civil rights can help you pursue this type of legal action.

Civil law is a broad practice area that covers a wide range of legal issues. It includes cases involving personal injury, property damage, contract disputes, business issues and civil rights violations.

Representation of Individuals

Atlanta civil lawyers represent individuals in a wide range of legal matters. They handle cases involving business law, personal injury, property and construction law, and civil rights infringements, among other topics. They also help clients resolve civil litigation matters through negotiation and/or trial.

In addition, they work for government agencies and the United States federal courts. They can assist with a variety of issues, including employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour claims, and whistleblower claims.

The protection of civil rights is essential to the stability of society, and a violation of any of these rights can have long-term consequences. For instance, discrimination against a person based on their race, color, national origin, religion, age (40 and older), disability, gender, or sexual orientation can result in an adverse impact on their social, economic, health, or wealth accumulation opportunities.

Individuals who experience discrimination should contact a civil rights lawyer immediately. These attorneys can provide guidance and representation that can make the difference between a life of discrimination or one that is not.

At Lamar Law Office, LLC, our civil rights lawyers understand the importance of your rights and will ensure that you are given the attention and assistance you need to obtain justice. If you have been discriminated against because of your race, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, or sex, call our firm today to speak with a qualified and experienced civil rights attorney who will take the time to listen to your story and help you seek the justice that you deserve.

Class action lawsuits are a great way for victims of discrimination to obtain compensation for the harm they have suffered. They allow victims to bring a single suit against a company or government agency, allowing them to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions.

A class action lawsuit can be a great option if you have been the victim of a defective product, unsafe medical device or drug, environmental pollution, fraud, data breach, or another form of harm that affected others on a large scale. An experienced Atlanta class action lawsuits attorney can investigate the circumstances that led to your harm, identify other plaintiffs who have suffered similar injuries or losses, and file a suit on your behalf.

Representation of Inmates

Despite the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee that every citizen has the right to an attorney, many public defenders offices nationwide are chronically understaffed, leaving defendants months without representation or waiting to get to court. Atlanta News First found that in Georgia, this problem is particularly severe and affects low-income communities the most.

Civil lawyers in Atlanta help people who are incarcerated with their legal needs, including by fighting for their rights to medical care and treatment and by standing up against prison abuse like sexual violence and rape. They also help victims of these crimes recover compensation for the harm they have suffered.

If you are an inmate and feel that you are being abused, contact the Harman Law Firm today for a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys. We will take immediate action to protect your rights and ensure that you get justice for the wrongs that have been done to you.

Our civil lawyers work with clients who are incarcerated in federal facilities and state prisons to ensure that they receive the proper care that they need. We also fight for victims of prison abuse, helping them secure compensation for the pain and suffering that they have experienced due to prison officials’ lack of concern about their health.

We handle cases in the State and Magistrate Court Division, representing clients who are charged with misdemeanor offenses that do not carry significant consequences. Our lawyers guide these clients through the process from their initial appearances in court to arraignment, motions, and trial.

Similarly, the Probation Revocation Division represents clients who are accused of violating the terms of their probation sentences. Because these clients may be in the jail, rather than in the Public Defender’s office, Probation Revocation Division attorneys often provide their services at the jail itself to ensure that they can respond quickly to their client’s needs.

Our appeals team is able to help those who have been convicted of a crime and who are considering filing an appeal in the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of Georgia. Our appeals attorneys have extensive experience in both state and federal courts and will help you navigate the legal processes necessary to pursue your appeal.

Representation of Businesses

As a business owner, you’ll encounter a wide range of legal issues. These can range from small things like forming a company or obtaining a Small Business Administration loan to larger problems that might affect your company’s future. Whether your concerns involve employment law, contract disputes, or copyright or intellectual property rights, you’ll need an experienced Atlanta business attorney to guide you through the process.

In addition to guiding your business through legal processes, an experienced business lawyer can help you protect your company’s assets and reputation. For example, a Georgia non-compete agreement can help you prevent others from taking your clients and customers away from you and may help you keep employees from leaving your business for direct competition.

Getting a good deal on a new lease or renting office space can be difficult without the knowledge of an experienced Atlanta landlord-tenant attorney. A good attorney can guide you through the complicated legal jargon that comes with these agreements and help you understand what you are signing up for in every aspect of your relationship with your landlord or tenant.

A civil lawyer can also assist you with a wide range of legal issues related to your business. These include estate and trust law, construction law, civil rights infringements, and business issues such as contract disputes or business formation.

The attorneys at Conoscienti & Ledbetter have over 43 years of combined professional experience in both criminal and civil matters in the state of Georgia. They have a proven record of success in the courtroom, and they know what it takes to win your case.

If your business is facing a civil lawsuit, you need an experienced business litigation lawyer who can guide you through the process and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. At the Conoscienti & Ledbetter law firm, we offer experienced and passionate representation in both criminal and civil cases in the state of Georgia.

Our Atlanta attorneys work with clients to analyze the operative agreements and apply the statutes at issue and take action to protect their rights. Depending on the situation, we might file a lawsuit for breach of fiduciary duty or usurpation of corporate assets or enforce a non-compete agreement.

Representation of Government

The representation of government is a significant area of practice for civil lawyers in atlanta. These legal professionals work with local, state and federal government bodies to craft policies that are beneficial for both citizens and business alike.

There are many laws that govern the way citizens conduct themselves in society, including things like the use of public funds, voting and hiring new employees. These laws are complex and changing all the time. Fortunately, a well-qualified lawyer can help navigate these changing laws and guide you through the pitfalls that come with them.

For example, the law governing the use of government funding to build roads, schools and other facilities is a fairly complicated one. This type of law is important because it helps to keep cities, counties and authorities in check while also allowing them to promote growth and development.

A good local government lawyer will have a strong understanding of this complicated area of law and be ready to put their skills to use for their clients. They will know how to handle complex matters such as zoning and tax increment financing while keeping in mind the needs of their local community.

If you are in need of a local government attorney who understands your unique needs, consider talking to the pros at Hecht Walker Jordan, P.C. These seasoned attorneys have decades of experience helping cities, counties and authorities navigate the legal minefield that is government law.

They will be able to help you understand the most important and most practical legal issues for your municipality, county or authority and advise you on ways to reduce the risk of liability. This can be done by drafting policies and publications that are designed to mitigate the most common risks while allowing local governments to focus on what they do best – serving their communities.

In addition to the above-mentioned hats off, there are numerous other types of representation that can be provided by a qualified lawyer. These include the legal assistance for a variety of legal needs such as wills and trusts, estate planning, business formation and property law. They will also be able to provide you with guidance in the areas of litigation and dispute resolution that are relevant to your situation.

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