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10 Free Online Law Courses for High School Students

Technology is moving at a fast pace. Due to this, it makes our desirable things accessible. Now you can do everything online. It includes watching your favorite show or taking online classes. Similarly, there are free online law courses for high school students. 

The fact is free online law courses are available that you can run in a short period. And try to enhance your resume efficiently. Moreover, these courses have certificates. And to forget, those certificates are widely recognized. Read the article to learn more about free online courses. 

Why choose a free online law course?

Getting a law degree is no more stressful. Now you can engage yourself in an online class. It gives you the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere with a greater concentration. The online law course develops investigative advancement. That is needed to set up a career in the law. 

Taking tuition and coaching is expensive. And in some cases, it discourages you from further studying. Firstly, due to the covid-19 pandemic, it seems reliable. Secondly, it’s completely free to take an online degree. And thirdly, you can avail it from any popular and well-establish university. Therefore, choosing an online law course is the best option for high school students. 

How to take an online law course?

If it’s your first time towing an online degree, you may be confused. It seems challenging to take an active part in an online law course. Below are some of the tips that will guide you on how to take an online law course.

  • Set a schedule: high school students aren’t used to online courses. But it’s time to adopt a new routine. In that case, it’s best to set up a schedule. It will keep you on track and create consistency. 
  • Engage with the courses: studying law is a difficult process. You need to be sincere and attentive. That’s why only logging in for schedule classes won’t be enough. You need to engage with the courses. Like looking out for useful resources, reading books, checking emails for updates and furthermore. 
  • Remove distractions: make sure while taking an online law course don’t pause it for unnecessary activity. Like checking messages or attending a call. It will break your flow. That’s why you need to create a dedicated workspace. Moreover, you need to set up a time when there is no distraction. Like personally, I prefer early in the morning.
  • Form online study groups: high school students know groups studies is an important factor. During the time of the pandemic, while social distancing, you can use technology. In order to reach your classmates and form online study groups. You can share notes, help each other with assignments and furthermore. 
  • Video conferencing: Video conferencing is a great skill you need to ace for a successful career. It’s a technique used by legal firm’s way before coronavirus. And online classes give you the opportunity to practice to ace future virtual interviews. 

Which university offers free online law courses?

There is a list of top universities that offer free online courses. They even offer certificates to high school students. It ensures that the education you receive meets national and international standards. 

  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Case Western Reserve University 

List of free online law courses

There is a wide range of free online law courses. You can choose one according to your needs and preference. In order to enhance your knowledge about civil and criminal law. Moreover, these courses offer you certificates at the end of the semester. Get free legal tips from Las Vegas Probate Lawyers about cost probate administration.

  1. Fundamentals of Business Law (Revised)

This online course gives you an insight into the principles of business. Moreover, it guides you about every step you need to encounter. This course is beneficial for moguls. Besides, the class runs for 1-2 hours daily. It’s completely free to enroll and study. 

  1. Introduction to Contracts in Law (Revised)

It’s the introductory course on contract in law. It will guide you about the important factors that a contract must consist of. The course also guides you about the situation where both parties create a legal obligation when one doesn’t fulfil their part. 

Additionally, it will guide you on how to create the best contract solutions. The class takes place for 1-2 hours. And the certificate is awarded once the course is completed. 

  1. Introduction to International Criminal Law

It’s a free online law course for high school students. It guides you on the fundamental of international criminal law and policy. It offers an in-depth exploration of the forms of international crimes. It includes war crimes, genocide, piracy and furthermore. 

Moreover, you will learn about modes of international criminal liability and specialized defences. Besides, you will learn about the challenges of obtaining custody of the accused while maintaining control of the courtroom. 

It’s an 8-week course that needs 3-4 hours of effort a week. Fortunately, the course is about to start. So register now if you are interested. 

  1. Corporate & Commercial Law I: Contracts & Employment Law

In this online course, the student will learn about business topics. It includes Agency, Contracts, Debtor-Creditor Relationships, Government Regulation of Business, and Business Organizations. Besides, it explains how these areas affect business. 

  1. Contract Law

The contract is important in the business while signing a deal or in any other situation. But the question is what happens when one party fails to hold their part of the deal. 

In this free online law course, you can seek all the answers related to the above question. Besides, this course is not restricted to lawyers only. Anyone interested to learn about business contracts and deals can register. 

  1. Legal Studies -The Adversary Trial System (Revised)

In this course, you will learn about the pros and cons of the courtroom and trial system. It gives you the period to take a survey around different civil procedures by application to real-life incidents. 

The class runs for 2-3 hours daily. I personally guest to take this course and give it a try.

  1. Direct Tax- Laws and Practice

It’s one of the best courses that is highly preferred by high school students. Especially the one who seeks a career in tax income management. In this student learns about the computation of income tax. Moreover, it will guide you about various tax planning avenues and management.

It takes time to complete, but in the end, it’s worth it. The knowledge you will receive is a wholesome package. 

  1. Civil Liberties

It is an online law course where you will learn about the tradition from the beginning with the declaration of independence. Moreover, it guides you about the constitution, federalist papers by historical and modern cases. 

Besides, the high school student will know about servitude, segregation, campaign finance, religion, action, and much more. 

  1. Media Law

In this online law course, a student learns about theoretical and practical aspects of media communication and branding services. It is one of the important law courses. And it’s highly preferred globally. 

  1. Patent Law

It’s the online law course that is the branch of intellectual property. It deals with the new and latest inventions. The rate of business success depends on the enforcement of patent rights. The records show that several patents are issued every year. That increases the stakes for inventors (indeed their lawyers too). Even when patent law and its administration faces criticism. 


Education is important as well as limitless. While online law courses are a good option to consider for learning. And these courses are beneficial for your profession and career growth. I hope you liked the article. 

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